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Personal Training

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South West Health Professional Center has an entire floor (3500 square feet) dedicated to our fitness center where patients are seen for training sessions to improve fitness, prevent injuries and improve their overall health. South West Health & Fitness is staffed by board certified chiropractors, and certified personal trainers. Upon completion of a thorough functional assessment, the fitness program is then tailored to meet your individual goals and assure that you will be exercising safely and effectively.

South West Health and Fitness is run by Leciana Zappala. Leciana is a personal trainer and specializes in women's fitness. She is also a certified golf fitness trainer and a member of the Professional Golf Fitness Association (PGFA). A fitness buff herself, Leciana offers her clients personal training, golf fitness training, dietary management and lifestyle modification. She is very involved with each and every client to ensure that they achieve their fitness goals . Schedule NOW 949-631-4656

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