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Patient Registration

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South West Health Patient registration process

1. If you are reading these instructions on our website, navigate to the home page by clicking on the South West Health Spine & Sport logo and click on the Meditouch button in the right middle of the page. If you are reading these instructions from your email, then to access your portal, navigate to South West Health Spine & Sport and click on the Meditouch button in the right middle of the page. When the your health file page opens, click on the small blue link that says. activate your account here and enter your credentials. If you do not have credentials, contact Dyanne at 949.631.5226 ext 10 and she will re-send them to you.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

2. Fill out patients demographics form, sign release form, informed consent form and financial policy, and input any insurance information you have.

3. You have 2 options to let us know the purpose of your visit. First option is to simply wait until your appoinment is scheduled and then log into your portal and complete the check in process. The two step process not only gathers the information about the purpose of your visit but it places your answers directly in your file so your doctor knows why you are coming before you even get to the offfice. The second option is to fill out the chief complaint form listed under forms at South West Health Spine & Sport , save it to a pdf on your computer and upload it your portal. Alternatively you can bring the filled out form to your appointement.

Please be sure that you'll be able to keep your appointment, as noted in your forms, we do require a 24 hour advance notice to cancel, which holds a $50 fee (if a notice is not given). Be sure to arrive 20 min early to allow time for collecting other needed information. We look forward to meeting with you. Have a safe and Wonderful day!

Note: Please download Adobe reader or similar PDF app to manage the aformentioned functions.


Uploading records to your portal

1. Log into your portal account

2. Click on review medical record box on the right

3. Click ammend my record link on the right side

4. Browse for the file from your computer

5. Name the file

6. Hit save. Your medical records are now in your file at South West Health


Check in Process

1. Log into your portal

2. Click on appointment check in

3. Click on reason for visit and answer all the questions. Click next when complete up towards the top

4. Click on any other details or symptoms and answer those questions

5. Click on save notes. This places your information in your chart with us at South West Health

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