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Leciana Zappala, C.P.T.

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Leciana is one of Costa Mesa's most sought after personal trainers. She is unique in her understanding of biomechanics especially spinal biomechanics, making her the trainer of choice if you have been injured or are suffering from an injury currently.

Leciana Zappala, C.P.T. is a Costa Mesa personal trainer and specializes in women's fitness. She is also a certified Basi® Pilates instructor and has her own Pilates studio inside South West Health & Fitness. Your personal training experience starts with an evaluation and consultation to determine what you are capable of and what your fitness goals are. If you are trying to lose weight, improve your core strength or just look good in your jeans, Leciana is the personal trainer for you. A fitness buff herself, Leciana offers her clients personal training, Pilates, dietary management and lifestyle modification. Her hands on approach insures that her clients train safely and get maximum results. Leciana inspires her personal training clients to be their best. She is very involved with each and every client to ensure that they achieve their fitness goals. Leciana works closely with the doctors and therapists at South West Health Spine & Sport as well as many other physicians in the community, so she has a lot of experience working with people who are injured and or are in pain.

If you are looking to lose weight, your diet has to be addressed. Nutrition plays a bigger role in getting to and maintaining your ideal weight than exercise does. At South West Health + Fitness, we will analyze what you are eating and the timing of your meals to help facilitate your weight loss. If additional supplementation is indicated a referral may be made to an outside nutritionist.

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