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Joseph M. Zappala D.C. DACBSP®

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Dr. Zappala performs his assessments and prescribes treatment based in relieving pain and restoring function. He is one of only 350 elite sports medicine chiropractors in the United States. He works closely with USA Swimming and is uniquely qualified to work with Olympic and professional athletes.

Joseph M. Zappala D.C. DACBSP® has been a sports chiropractor for the last 31 years and specializes in the treatment of sports injuries, especially those related to the golf swing. He treats athletes from all sports including swimming, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, baseball, football, basketball and hockey. Dr. Zappala is uniquely qualified to manage acute injuries and trauma as they happen in the field of sport including concussions. In addition, his diagnostic skills allow him to quickly and accurately tell his patients what is wrong. As a former collegiate athlete, Dr. Zappala understands the functional connection between what he does as a sports chiropractor and how an athlete performs at his or her sport. He performs his assessments and prescribes treatment based in relieving pain and restoring function to the injured area. This often leads to increased performance and decrease in the recurrence of injuries. He preaches active care to all of his patients whether they are athletes or just aspiring to be. "Use it or lose it."

Dr. Zappala is a strength and conditioning specialist and is the only non ATC on the Southern section ATC board helping shape the future of sports injury management in southern California.  He graduated from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic (Now, Southern California University of Health Sciences) in 1989 and has been practicing in Costa Mesa ever since. He is an integrated sports medicine specialist that focuses on getting to the root cause of the problem, no matter how deep the roots are. He works with elite athletes in a wide variety of sports including gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline and all the major sports.

Not all patients that come in for a consultation with Dr. Zappala wind up getting chiropractic care. He decides what is the best type of care for the patient based on the how the injury presents inself. The chiropractic care that you will receive, should you need it is sports chiropractic. It is based in restoring function and less in changing structure and includes manual mobilization and manipulation of the extremities when indicated. Most of our patients need a combination of treatments, whether it is soft tissue work, acupuncture or physical therapy. If chiropractic care is part of the solution to the problem, then that will be suggested. If additional imaging is needed to make a proper diagnosis, then an MRI may be ordered. If you are suffering from a problem that no one has been able to figure out, give us a call and lets get to work on solving the mystery.

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