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Plantar Faciitis

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Plantar fasciitis is a frustrating condition and can be the result of improper movement patterns that actually originate in the hips and pelvis.

Many patients self diagnose themselves and start stretching their feet, rolling them on frozen water bottles, etc. The fascia that is on the underside of your foot actually spirals around your entire leg and connects to the fascia in your lower back. This is why just stretching the calves rarely solves the problem. The fascia of the entire back of your leg needs to be worked on.  Patient frequently complain of pain when they first get out of bed in the morning or after they have been sedentary for a while.The key to successfully treating this condition, is to let us look at your feet as soon as you start experiencing symptoms. A thorough evaluation of your movement patterns will be performed to determine the root cause of your condition. Many times the answer lies in activating or strengthening the muscles of the hips and pelvis along with restoring the proper gliding of the fascia so that it isnt exposed to friction. Our team of sports medicine professionals is well equipped to properly diagnose and treat your foot ailments and get you back out there living your life. Contact us today to start yourself on the road to happy feet. 949.631.5236 ext 10

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